Audio Visual Primer for Brides

Brides! Here is a primer on audio visual needs for your wedding events.

Typically, weddings involve three events that require audio visual needs.

Rehearsal Dinner

Usually a projector and screen to play a PowerPoint or video presentation. Audio is required for this event so do NOT use the projector speaker for your audio. A small but high quality …

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Destin Weddings / 30A Weddings

The most spectacular locations to experience and share your wedding events are here along the Emerald Coast. Now as you begin planning the details of your Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony and Reception events, I will offer some considerations concerning the Audio Visual (AV) options for each.


The Rehearsal Dinner usually involves a PowerPoint type presentation. A …

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How can I save money on hiring a Wedding Band or Wedding DJ

One important trick to know when hiring your favorite band or DJ to travel to the panhandle of florida, is that transporting PA Systems, theatrical lighting, staging and Audio Visual equipment in general, is very expensive. One way to save money on your wedding reception, convention meetings, conference meetings and special events is to …

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What AV do I need for my wedding?

What AV do you need for your wedding? The answer may surprise you. First, there are several “functions” that you will need to consider AV for during this most special event: The wedding rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.

In the order the events occur let’s look at the basic Audio Visual Equipment …

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Should I use the “In-House” AV at the conference location?

There is a trend away from the expensive “in-house” AV equipment and service to AV companies that are local and still close to your event. The advantages of an “in-house” provider is that they are ON location and in the event that things go wrong, the theory would be that they can be responsive quickly. …

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Do I need an AV Tech for my Wedding?

Absolutely! You only get one chance to get your wedding ceremony perfect. One of the most common ways that weddings get ruined is by someone in the “family” stepping into the AV Tech role. Usually it’s someone that is a part time DJ or that owns a projector or PA system. The professional AV Tech …

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Why use a professional Audio Visual (AV) Technician?

Audio Visual (AV) Technicians provide presentation technology support from the planning stages of your event to the perfect execution of your audio, video and stage presentation. The objective of a meeting or conference is to CONVEY YOUR MESSAGE to your clients, associates and audience. The professional AV Technician knows the best set ups for your …

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