What AV do I need for my wedding?

What AV do you need for your wedding? The answer may surprise you. First, there are several “functions” that you will need to consider AV for during this most special event: The wedding rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.

In the order the events occur let’s look at the basic Audio Visual Equipment you will need or can consider.

The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner-typically brides/grooms families “to be” will have a Powerpoint history of their childhood that plays during the rehearsal dinner. This requires a projector and projector screen to place at the location of the dinner. The projector and computer will need to be placed on an AV cart. The projector screen and the AV cart should be “draped” for a clean classy appearance. Often the Powerpoint presentations include audio in the form of music playing during the presentation. Also this presentation often “loops” for the duration of the wedding rehearsal dinner. A podium can be used for special announcement but not in all cases. A WIRELESS MICROPHONE can often be very helpful for passing about to make announcements.

The Wedding Ceremony- During the wedding ceremony, a wireless lapel microphone (lavalier microphone) is placed on the pastor and often one on the groom as well. NEVER place a microphone on a bride. If the ceremony is outside then you will need a Public Address system (PA system) and enough drop cord to get to the location. A battery operated PA system is an option as well. Pre-ceremony “canned” music is used while family is being seated so an iPod input and the connectors will be required. A common mistake is that songs that are in “the cloud” cannot be picked up at rural locations or on a beach, therefore, music should be saved to a “hard drive” or on a phone internal memory. Usually two powered speakers and two tripods to place the speakers are enough for a ceremony indoors or outdoors. A small audio mixer usually works for the ceremony. Sometimes live musicians may need to be mic’d and these factors determine the number of microphones and audio mixer inputs needed.

The Wedding Reception- Usually a wedding reception will have a musical band or a DJ that bring their own Audio Visual equipment. You will still need a wireless microphone for the reception. Emerald Coast Audio Visual Solutions (Emerald Coast AV ) often works with bands to provide the equipment and lighting for the wedding reception on the beach. For bands that fly into Panama City Beach to perform for wedding receptions, renting AV equipment can be a cost effective alternative to bands trucking equipment from out of town.